Activity feed/Audit trail

Activity feed: The activity feed serves as an audit trail on your entire account. You can further see the activity feed on a contact or job. It is also located on financials such as an estimate and invoice. This will help you track changes and provides transparency and accountability. It is a source to help you understand if something went wrong. It is one of the first places you should look in the event of a problem on a particular record.


Account-wide activity feed:

Go to reports on your dashboard.

Go to My Saved Reports.

Click on the Ellipse.

Create an Activity Report.



Make sure to click on "Add column" and add the date and any other necessary columns for your report. For restoring deleted records click on the parent workflow contact and it will lead you to an "undelete" option. The activity report will capture when and who deleted a record. 

Some of what the activity report can capture:

  • When a record was deleted and who did it.
  • When/who assigned a task.
  • When a task was completed, updated, created.
  • When/who completed an estimate/invoice/budget
  • Status changes


Since the activity report captures so much information. You may want to add a filter for the date so you can narrow into what happened at a particular time.


Contact/job activity feed:

Go to the contact/job.

Go to the Activity tab.

Ensure the related checkbox is unchecked (it will combine feeds from other contacts you have added as related). 

Select "all" from the drop-down in the middle of the activity feed.



Estimate/Invoice activity feed:

Go to the estimate/invoice.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, to the activity tab.

Select "all" from the drop-down in the middle of the activity feed.