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Add Team Members


Add team members to your JobNimbus account to collaborate on the work you do. Share contacts, jobs, and calendars. Each team member will receive their own login (email and password).

You must be an administrator with access to settings to add team members. If you would like to quickly add a team member follow the "Adding a team member" instructions which will default to "limited access". If you would like to carefully review access select "Adding a team member and controlling access".

Adding a team member:

  1. Select Settings from the User Menu
  2. Select the Team tab
  3. Select Invite Team Member

Adding a team member and controlling access:

  1. Select Settings" from the User Menu
  2. Select the Team tab
  3. Select More Options to control permissions better.
  4. Select which access profile is best
  5. Select Invite Team Member


You will see a list of your active team members. Use the Invite Team Member button to add a team member.


JobNimbus automatically assigns lowest privilege level (access to only those contacts and jobs assigned to them, with no access to administration or settings).To grant additional access privileges to this team member as well as other profile settings, use the More Options link.


Here input the details of your team member. Then carefully select which access profile they should be in. Review the "access profile" tab in settings if you are not familiar with your companies profiles. The below screenshot has custom created profiles. You may create custom profiles or use the default ones.


After you have completed the necessary permissions, invite your team member.

Understanding Access Profiles:

To add additional access profiles or change access profiles:

  1. Select the Access Profiles tab
  2. Select the action menu (•••) icon to edit or Add Access Profile

In this sample these are custom access profiles. Keep in mind access profiles can be renamed and fully customized all based on your permissions needs. Learn more about access profiles through an article or video.