Adding a Work Order

Work Orders allow you to track multiple trades or different types of work under a Contact or Job in JobNimbus. Work Orders can be added to Contacts and Jobs; they are a structured Job that contains a PDF with line items. When using just Contacts, WOs are an excellent way to do “Jobs” without having Jobs enabled, and they help segment into different trades. A nice benefit of work orders is that you can create an estimate and later convert it to a work order.



To add a work order to a contact or a job:

  1. Within a desired contact or job, select the “Work Orders” Tab.
  2. Select “+Add Work Order”.
  3. Within the “Add Work Order” screen, you can select a Design Template, a Start, and End date, a Type, a Status, assignments and subcontractors in the top of the work order.
  4. The bottom half is used to add sections and line items. To add additional line items or sections, select the appropriate hyperlink.
  5. Special instructions and an internal note can be added to a work order. Special instructions appear on the actual work order in any format, and the internal note only appears within the system.
  6. To save the work order as a template for future use, select “Save as Template”; otherwise, select “+ Add Work Order”You must have to finish creating the work order.
  7. To email a work order to a subcontractor. First, make sure your subcontractor has a valid email and is labeled subcontractor in JobNimbus (subcontractor contact type setup in settings ---> contact workflows). Click on the ellipsis or three dots on the actual work order ---> email. Check off who you would like to email and click send.

*Note when you assign a work order to a subcontractor, and that subcontractor has a valid email, it will automatically send them an email.  

8. You can create custom fields for your work order.Often customers include specific information about products or jobs that need to be done. It is also a great way to get custom job information in the work order. To add custom fields go to settings ---> work order fields ---> add the field. Choose which question type is most appropriate. Also, do this carefully as you can't edit the question type later.

Note: Work orders will auto-send a reminder email to an assigned subcontractor. If you are not ready to send the work order to your subcontractor, wait to assign until ready. Work orders along with material orders do not have taxes integrated with them.