Archiving Contacts and Jobs

Archiving records: Archiving is a good practice and is a part of data management. At some point, your contacts should be archived. It makes the most sense to do this when you have completed work for them, and they are paid and closed. Usually, in the contact workflow, most companies have one of their last statuses marked as archived. Remember, archived items do not show up on the mobile app. 



1. How do I archive?

Settings ---> Contact Workflows ---> Ellipsis (three dots) icon ---> Edit ---> Choose status ---> Ellipsis (three dots) icon ---> Select the checkbox of what you want archived ---> Save.


2. If I select “Archive” in a job workflow, are those records still included in any report that I run?

By default, yes but you can add filters to exclude them if you would like. The purpose of the Archived flag is to keep those records off of your lists, boards, and mobile app; so, that you can focus on open work. However, if you ever change a record back to a status that is not considered Archived, it will pop back into your lists, boards,  and mobile app so that you can work on it.


3. Where do I find my archived records?

You can always search for Archived records using the search bar at the top of JobNimbus in a browser. You could also run a report with your archived records. 

Search in top of page in JobNimbus or Reports ---> Dashboard ---> Reports ---> Ellipsis icon --->Create job report ---> Add filter --->Status ---> Paid and closed.


4. How do I archive a job?

Archive a job: Click on job ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Change status ---> Paid and closed or Dashboard --->Jobs ---> Board ---> Drag to paid and closed.


5. What happens to my data if I archive?

Your data is safe. It is simply not displayed. You can easily find and search archived records online in the web app.


6. What happens if I never archive my contacts/jobs?

You may have so much data that it will cause the mobile app not to load. It will also cause your JobNimbus account online to perform poorly. Generally speaking, the mobile app will be slower with more than 2000 contacts as your phone capabilities are more limited than a computer. While we don't limit how many contacts you have, it does impact your account. More than 10,000 live contacts will likely slow your account down.