Automation Recipe: Create a Followup Task for a Sales Rep When a New Lead is Created


Create a new automated rule: when a new lead is first input into JobNimbus, create a followup task for the Sale Rep, automatically.


  1. Proceed to the Automations section of your JobNimbus Settings.
  2. Select + Add Rule.
  3. Input a Rule Name, such as “Sales Rep Followup Task for New Lead.”
  4. Within the following line, select the statement “When a Contact is Created.
  5. Select + Add Condition.
  6. From the conditional statement, select “If Type is equal to” and select the name of the contact workflow in which your lead status resides (i,e. “Customer” or “Residential”). Ensure “Only if Type is modified” is unchecked.
  7. Select + Save.
  8. Select + Add Condition
  9. From the conditional statement, select “If Status is equal to” and select the name of your lead status (i,e. “Lead”). Ensure “Only if Status is modified” is unchecked.
  10. Select + Save.
  11. Select the radio button for “Require all conditions to be true.”
  12. Select + Add Action.
  13. From the drop-down, select Create Task.
  14. Select the “Task Type” from the drop-down menu.
  15. Input a “Task Name,” such as “Follow Up with New Lead.”
  16. Input a “Description: if desired.
  17. Set the desired start date of the task from when the automation is triggered (i,e. 1 day, 72 hours, 30 minutes, etc.).
  18. Select the “Priority” from the drop-down menu, if applicable.
  19. Within the “Assigned to” drop-down menu, select Sales Rep.
  20. Ensure “ Maintain related contacts and jobs” is checked.
  21. Select + Save.
  22. You will be returned to the Rule window. Once complete, select + Save. Your automation is now active.