Beacon Templates

You can now import your Beacon Pro+ templates into JobNimbus. The Beacon templates will then be available in JobNimbus within the estimates and material orders. 

You can also create a template within JobNimbus by selecting "save as template" when you create an estimate or material order.

Check to see if you have templates in Beacon:

Log in to Beacon Pro +
Select the "Templates" Tab



To Enable Beacon in JobNimbus:

Follow this article.

How to create a template in Beacon Pro +:

  • Log in to "Beacon Pro+"
  • Select the "Templates" Tab


  • Select "Add New Template"
  • Create a name
  • Select, "Create Template"
  • Type in a product to add in "Add Products to Template"
  • Select "Add to Template"
  • Select "Save All"

How to Import your Beacon Templates into JobNimbus:

  • Proceed to "Settings"
  • Select the "Beacon" Tab
  • Select the button labeled "Import Beacon Pro + Templates"
  • Check a material order or estimate to see the templates.

 Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How many templates can I import? You are able to import 15 templates into JobNimbus. The last 15 are imported from Beacon no matter which Beacon account they are linked to. 
  2. How do I add changes to my template? From JobNimbus, go to the estimate or material order select the pencil icon from the template drop-down. 
  3. Can I re-import templates? If you have already imported a template, or have one with an identical name. First, delete the template from JobNimbus in the estimate and at the material order location. Then go to settings, the Beacon tab and select, "Import Beacon Pro + Templates". This will re-import your templates from Beacon again. This is to prevent duplication of templates. If you add items to your templates in Beacon these instructions will need to be followed.