Caching and Why it Helps to Clear it


What is caching? 

Caching, which is pronounced "cashing," is a process of storing website information temporarily in the background. There are different kinds of caching like disk or memory cache or advanced server caching. However, for this article, we will focus on browser caching. Most browsers will cache web pages automatically as a default setting. If you visit a website often on the same browser, there is caching in the background. This helps with the website loading faster. It improves the overall experience and performance of the website. 

Why should I clear my cache?

Over time, If your cache may become full of data and cause your web browser to run slowly. It also can create a variety of other issues. Some of these issues include a login loop where you are unable to log into a website or issues such as data appearing incorrectly on a webpage. For example, a full cache may cause problems on financials section of a JobNimbus such as totals appearing incorrectly or duplicate line items.

What browsers work best with JobNimbus?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred web browsers for the JobNimbus Web App. 

*Internet Explorer is incompatible with JobNimbus. We advise to instead use one of the above mentioned browsers for your best experience.*

How do I clear my cache? 


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Of note: Third party extensions on your browser may lead to the inability to save data in JobNimbus. Try turning off all extensions or use Chrome Incognito without extensions.