Can I forward an email from my personal inbox to a Contact's record in JobNimbus?

Learn how to attach external email communications directly to a Contact in JobNimbus.

To record email activity that has been sent outside of JobNimbus:

  • Open the email in your personal inbox and select "Forward" (steps vary depending on your server).
  • In the "To:" field, type in your JobNimbus email address
  • Add the tag of the Contact on which you want the email to record to the subject line. For example, if you want the email to land in Contact #7820's Activity feed, you would type [Contact #7820] in the forwarded email's subject. 
  • Send the email and refer to your Contact's Activity feed in JobNimbus to view it

Tip: if you want to forward the email to another recipient, you can also "CC" your JobNimbus email address instead of adding it to the "To:" field directly.