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Can I Offer My Customers Financing? (New Sales Experience)

Learn about collaborating with the financing companies we support or incorporating your own

Admins with Settings access can view Financing options by navigating to Estimate Settings and selecting the Financing from the menu.

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Sunlight Financial

  • To begin using Sunlight Financial, simply click on the designated button.
  • To use this integration, you need to be an approved Sunlight Financial partner with an active account. You can connect your active account or start a new application from here.  
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    • Sunlight Financial is a direct financing integration that provides users with a seamless experience. 
    • Customers can add monthly payments directly into any quote.
    • Pre-qualify customer with soft credit applications to confirm whether they can use financing.
    • Run full applications to understand exact approval amounts prior to creating a quote.
    • Automatically pass customer details and signed data into Sunlight Financial's application portal

Custom Financing

  • Include your custom financing options. You can add plans from any financial provider you are affiliated with to your financing library.
  • These plans will show up in your quotes so the homeowner can compare cash payments to financed payments.

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    • Include the name and logo of the financing provider to add their details to the financing options.
    • Provide the specific details of the financing options offered by the unique provider. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on the "Add plan" button and Publish the details.


  • It is essential to keep in mind that only quotes within the specified region in the plan details will be able to choose that particular provider for Custom Financing.