Can I view my team members' calendars on a mobile device? (Apple)

If you are an admin in JobNimbus, you can view other team members' calendars on the mobile app.

This feature is only seen by team members with admin permissions in JobNimbus.

To view your team members' calendars while in the mobile app:

  1. Click on "Calendar Options" at the bottom of your mobile calendar.
    Mobile App - Apple - Calendar options
  2. Click on "Add Team Calendars" in your Show Calendars section.
    Mobile App - Apple - Calendar Options - Add Team
  3. You will see a list of all of your team members. Choose which calendars you wish to see and return to your Calendar Options.
    Mobile App - Apple - Calendar Options - Add Team - Choose Calendars

Your team members' calendars will now show in your Calendar Options. To remove the calendar from your calendar view, click on the remove icon to the left of the team member's name.

Mobile App - Apple - Calendar Options - Remove Calendar