Class Syncing in Quickbooks Desktop



Class is a label that you create in Quickbooks, it is an aspect of job costing. Class is a very useful, versatile function in that it allows you to classify expense amounts. You can use classes to track income and expense transactions. You can make a category essentially for anything. Departments, Properties, Construction, Concrete, 1234 Main Street, New York, etc...

Select Drop-down below  

  1. Select "Edit" on main top bar.
  2. Select "Preferences"
  3. Select "Accounting"
  4. Select "Company Preferences"
  5. Check off "Use class tracking for transactions"
  6. Select "Ok"

2): How to enable the sync for classes in JobNimbus:

1) Settings

2) Quickbooks

3) Select "Sync Option"

4) Check off the box "Sync Classes"

5) Select "Continue"


3)How to disable the sync for classes in JobNimbus:

Once you disable classes in JobNimbus, they will no longer appear within JobNimbus.

1) Settings

2) Quickbooks

3) Select "Sync Option"

4) Uncheck off the box "Sync Classes"

5) Select "Continue"



You may be notified of a class change via an automation email. First, you must create an email template with the fields that you need.The template fields or  will alert you to which class the record was changed to. You may also add other fields such as first name etc...

  1. Proceed to settings 
  2. Select the templates tab.
  3. Add template "Email"
  4. Select "Insert Template Field"
  5. Select "Contact/Job Others"
  6. Select "Class"


Second, you must create an automation for each class. The class is typed in via text and must be exactly the same as the class that you have for it to work properly.

  1. Proceed to the Automations section of your JobNimbus Settings.
  2. Select + Add Rule.
  3. Input a Rule Name, such as “Class name change New York 1”.
  4. Within the following line, select the statement “When a Contact is Modified.
  5. Select + Add Condition.
  6. From the conditional statement, select “If Class is equal to” and type the class name in exactly. Ensure “Only if class is modified” is checked.
  7. Select + Save.
  8. Select + Add Action
  9. Select the template you created in the dropdown for either a contact/job
  10. Input subject and appropriate recipients.
  11. Select +Update




1)How do I know if class syncing is enabled? Go to you Quickbooks settings in JobNimbus. Under sync management select "show more options" here you can see if class tracking is enabled. 

2) I created a new class in Quickbooks and it is not showing in JobNimbus? It may take several hours and several sync runs to show up.

3) I deleted or made a class inactive in Quickbooks and I don't immediately see these changes. It may take several hours and several sync runs to show up.


Syncing classes in only available to Quickbooks Desktop at this time.

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