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Add your own custom fields to store other information in JobNimbus. Custom fields work like any other built-in field in JobNimbus, allowing you to edit, sort, and filter them.

You can also customize the lists in JobNimbus. You choose which fields you want to see, including your custom fields, and you can add sorting, filters, and even useful calculations for things like summing up money amounts. Each team member can personalize his or her own lists to always view their JobNimbus data in a way that’s most useful for them.

Custom field types and limits:

Field type Description Max number of this type
Date Creates a date field that allows you to choose a single date value 30
Decimal Creates a field that only accepts decimal numbers. This is a great field to track money amounts 20
Number Creates a field that only accepts whole numbers 20
Boolean Creates a checkbox field 20
Text Creates a field that allows you to put any text you want into it (letters, numbers, and punctuation 35*
Options List Creates a drop-down list with different options to choose from 35*
* The totals for Text and Options List are combined

** The Max number is for each of the following: Contacts, Jobs, and Work Orders. Meaning that each of these record types can have 30 date fields or 20 number fields.