Disconnecting from Quickbooks

Disconnecting from Quickbooks:

There are a variety of reasons to disconnect from Quickbooks. The most common reason is to change sync directions or to troubleshoot an issue. If you plan on reconnecting again, make sure you look at your sync settings to see what they are. Check the sync direction and what records you are syncing (contact, job, estimates etc...).


Disable Quickbooks Online:

  • Settings
  • Quickbooks
  • Select "Disable Quickbooks Integration"
  • On the pop-up, Turn off Quickbooks Integrations? "Yes"






Disable Quickbooks Desktop:

  • Settings
  • Quickbooks
  • Show Advanced Options
  • Select "Disconnect This Quickbooks File from JobNimbus"
  • On the pop-up "Are you sure you want to disconnect QuickBooks?" select "Okay"





Tips: Upon reconnect, carefully preview the changes that you make on "view records". If not this could lead to unneeded changes like duplications which can be time-consuming errors to fix. Especially, if you plan on changing sync directions.


Do not disconnect the JobNimbus app from within Quickbooks online in the apps area, it will disrupt the sync.