Does Using Jobs Affect My Built-In Reports?

Depending on whether you use Jobs or only Contacts will determine which Built-in Reports you should refer to.

Under the Reports tab, you'll find the following Built-in Reports:

built-in reports list

If you use Jobs, refer to the Job Pipeline and Job Lead Source reports. 

If you do not use Jobs, refer to the Sales Pipeline and Sales Lead Source reports.

The Job Pipeline Report will pull data about related financial records based on what Stage that Job is in.

The following example shows the total dollar amount of each Job's most recent estimates created this week. You can also select the "Amount Field" dropdown menu to switch to invoice data instead.

job pipeline report

The Job Lead Source Report will reveal what Jobs have been sold, based on the Lead Source to which they are assigned. You can interact with the date range to see when these Jobs entered a Stage. 

job lead source report