You can email your Contacts from within JobNimbus and send them documents for signing, pictures, estimates, and invoices. Also, when your Contact replies it is recorded under the activity tab and you are notified via email as well. JobNimbus is not an email client like Outlook or Gmail, but you can send outbound email from within JobNimbus. To get a particular email to populate in the majority of documents/estimates/invoices/material orders make sure you put the person in related Contacts on the Job or Contact you are sending the email out of. This will allow you to compose an email with that particular email address. 

  • How to compose an email?

    From a Contact/Job-> Activity tab -> Add Note -> Type: Email

  • How do I get notified of a reply?

    Ensure that you are assigned to the Contact and that when you compose the email that your Contact's checkbox is selected.

  • When I send an email which is the sender?

    The sender is our email server. It is located in Settings of JobNimbus. From the Settings select Email.  The format of the email will appear like


Forward an Email:

Activity tab --> Select email that was sent --> Ellipses (3 dots) ---> Forward ---> check off who to forward, or type in a new email in the other contact area --> save



Automated Emails:

Can I make automation rules to send out emails?

Yes, you can custom create automation rules with certain emails that you create in settings -> email templates.

Examples of automation email rules:


Email owner when Job is in particular status;

Settings -> Automation -> Add rule -> Create a name for it in rule name -> When a Job is created or modified -> Conditions: Add a condition-> Select the desired conditions and circumstances for them to be added -> Add action -> Send email -> Choose the desired template -> Choose primary Contact as the recipient -> Select Save.


Email certain people when a task is created;

Select the drop-down arrow on the top far right, beneath your name -> Select Settings -> Select automation -> Select add rule -> Make a name for it, then when a task is created -> Select add action -> Select the recipients: current assignees -> Select update.

  1. How do I email a supplier a material order?

    Make sure you put in an email for your Contact (supplier). Go to the Job/Contact. Make a material order save it. Edit the Job and add the supplier as a related Contact.

    Go to material order. Click the ellipsis icon -> Email material order -> Check your suppliers email -> Send

    The inbox of Supplier will say something like this with a pdf of your material order.

    [Job #1027] John Doe Material Order #1009

 How do I create an email report, so I can see all the responses I get from emails?

Reports -> My saved reports --> ellipsis icon --> Activity report -> Rename to "email" --> Add following information:

Add filter ---> Select email from dropdown ---> click the radio dial at least one of these or check exclude empty records --> Apply

Add filter ---> Activity Source ---> All of these ---> Exclude ---> Web ---> Apply The rules should display at the top of the report and look like this

Activity Type > Contains > Any > Email > Exclude empty records (Edit | Remove)

Activity Source > Not Contains > Any > Web (Edit | Remove)

If you want to see this report on your dashboard when you log in: Dashboard -> Customize -> Select your new report ->Save

  1.  What is the most reliable way to email back and forth to a customer and capture that information?

    The only way to go back and forth indefinitely via email and have all of the data captured on the Contact and all email replies received via customer and creator of email via the system is to:

    1. Have the customer hit the "reply all" button in the email.
    2. Have the sender of the email hit the "reply all" button. If you can get the customer and yourself always to hit "reply all," then you could get all email activity recorded under Contact and go back and forth indefinitely

  2. What causes this error when a customer replies: This email was not automatically attached to any Contacts or Jobs and not saved within JobNimbus?

    Go to settings --> Email -> Check the "Add a subject tag to outgoing email to improve tracking?" -> Save changes.

    This will allow our email system to attach replies to the correct Contact/Job

  3. The subject line of my email has a number attached, and it is causing issues for emails that I send to an insurance company, how do I remove it?

    Go to settings --> email and uncheck the box "Add a subject tag to outgoing email to improve tracking" It turns off the tags which cause issues for insurance agency claims departments that require only the claimant id or number. When you send an email via the add note feature, the only thing that the subject is whatever they put in it. 

  4. What is the purpose of the email forwarder? Shouldn't all my email go there? 

    Outbound email sent and replied to goes to the assignee and related Contacts on the Job/Contact. The forwarding email you put in settings --> email is a catch-all when the system does not know where to attach the email. is our email server which will attach a reply to a contact based on of the subject line in the mail [Contact/Job #1234] or the actual email itself (if you have that particular email in the system on a Contact/Job). Only when the mail server cannot find this information will it send to the forwarding email you have in your account. 

  5. My email shows as being rejected. My inbox was full. What should I do?

    Increase storage in your inbox. We may have to remove you from a blacklist. Send us a ticket with the email address, and we can check for you. Email and make sure to include the email and any Contact your Job you are sending out from so we can check your account and the server.
  6. I assigned a Contact to myself; I am not getting an email notification, why is that?

    The system is not designed to send you a notification if you assigned it to your self because you are aware of assigning someone to yourself. However, if you assign the Contact to someone other than yourself, they should receive a notification. 
  7. How do I email a subcontractor a work order with photos?Add your subcontractor as a related contact on the contact or job. Make sure that you entered a valid email for the subcontractor when you added them as a contact. Activity tab ---> add note ---> email ---> attachments --> select photos/etc --> type a body and a title for email, check mark your subcontractor --> add note



Tips: Try to enter in a unique email address for each contact/team member. If the same email address is entered in on 3 contacts for example the system will file email replies and attach them to each of those three contacts. This could potentially cause confusion. The system is designed first to email replies to the email address on file.

Keep in mind if you forward email with your email, everyone on the original email thread will be informed of what you added to your email. JobNimbus will send a notification all emails which are a part of the original email thread.