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JobNimbus tracks and saves the emails you send to your customers, allowing you to store important conversations in the customer file. For an email you’d like to store in JobNimbus, either forward or BCC the email to your assigned JobNimbus email address and that email will be automatically attached as a note on the customer or job it relates to.

You can also compose emails directly within JobNimbus, and build them from saved templates for letterhead, signatures, and even whole emails you send regularly. Create your email message, enter a subject line, and choose whom to send the email to. You can choose to send it to your customer or other related contacts. You can attach documents or photos from the customer file to the email as well. As soon as you send your email it gets added as a note under this customer along with the date & time when the email was sent giving you an important record of your email conversations. JobNimbus will also add any replies to this email as notes for you.