Emailing Attachments to a Contact or Job

Email attachments: You can email attachments like pictures or documents to your contact or job and have them attach without having to upload them. This can be very convenient if you are out in the field or if you need to attach a signed contract to a contact or a job right away. This can even be done from a phone or a tablet if you happen to have the attachment in your email or on your phone and know the job or contact number.


Step 1: Go to settings ---> Email---> Select the "Show incoming email attachments in the Documents or Photos tabs?" checkbox and click the "Save Changes" button.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 2.44.37 PM

Step 2: Find the job or contact number in JobNimbus that you need to email. Compose your email to your which is located in settings --> email if you are unsure of it. In the title of your email put the contact number or job number in the title. This lets our mail server know where to file the record. It is essential that you put it in the exact format or it will not work. Example: [Contact #1234] or [Job #1234]. Upload your attachments and send. It may take a few minutes for the attachments to arrive. 


The attachments that you email will now appear under the contact, you specified in the title of your email. They will appear in two places. In the audit log in the activity tab and under the attachments tab.





This same technique will work if you forward an email and make sure your jobnimbusmail email is in the send to box along with the [Contact #1234] or [Job #1234] in the title.