Google Calendar Sync - Shared Calendar

Google Calendar Sync - Shared Calendar:

JobNimbus' Google Calendar sync does not inherently support "shared calendars" outside of the JobNimbus web app.  In the scenario that you want to use our Google Calendar sync feature towards this, we suggest the following to get the feature to work in that way:

  • Have each team member either create a new calendar in Google Calendars for the purpose of sharing only the tasks created in JobNimbus, or they can use an existing calendar already on their Calendars:

  • Have each team member sync their Google Calendar to that newly created calendar within Google Calendar. More regarding setting up the sync process for individuals can be found here.

  • Have each team member share the newly created calendar to the relevant team members. From within Google Calendar:
    1. Hover over the desired calendar
    2. Select the drop-down to the right of the calendar

    3. Select Settings

    4. To the right of the desired calendar, select the option for sharing or "Shared: Edit settings"
    5. Have the team member input the desired contacts to share the calendar with, set the permission level for that individual, select add person, repeat for each team member the calendar should be shared with, and select save.