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How Are Estimates Created With Multiple Locations? (New Sales Experience)

Businesses with multiple locations now have the ability to utilize the new sales experience, complete with their own branding and customizable layouts tailored to each specific location.

Company Locations

  • If your company operates across various brands or has multiple offices, discover how to add these locations by following the instructions provided in this article.

Location Design

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  1. Add your company's logo to be showcased on the Title Page of your quote for a personalized touch.
  2. Choose the primary color for your brand by using the color range selector tool. This color will appear in the estimate designs
  3. The details of the specific location's contact information will be displayed on the quote for easy reference.

Project Location

  • When creating new projects, be sure to choose the specific location where the work will be carried out.

    Dylan Martinez JobNimbus 2024-04-22 at 7.18.45 PM
  • A chosen default Layout will automatically populate per the associated Jobs location when building the new estimate.
  • Only Layouts that have been added to that location will be available.
  • Similarly, only Estimate Templates that have been linked to that specific location will be accessible for creating quotes related to jobs assigned to that location.

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  • If you require a template or a layout from a different location for another site, you can duplicate the record and update the location to ensure it appears in the desired location. 

Location Based Products
  • If the location based products  feature is enabled on your account, new products created directly from a line item will automatically assume the location for which the associated job is assigned.
    • Example: If "Job A" is designated to "Location 2," any new product generated within a line item while preparing an estimate for "Job A" will automatically be linked to "Location 2."