How Can I Move a Contact or Job Into Another Status Using Boards? (iOS)

You can change the Statuses of your records by physically moving Cards within the Boards.


Cards can only move from one List to another if the assigned Statuses belong to the same Workflow. Learn more about this here.

Once you've navigated into a Board:

  • Click and hold a Card, then drag and drop it into another List. Doing so will automatically update the "days in Status" indicator on the bottom row of the Card.

  • As demonstrated above, if a List contains a Status applicable to the record's assigned Workflow, a plus sign followed by the words "Add Here" will display.

  • If a List's Status is not applicable to the selected Card, the message "Status Not Applicable" will show, and the Card will be dropped back into the previous List when you release the hold.

  • If a List is assigned an archived Status, the message "Archive This Card" will appear. Learn more about archiving Cards here.