How do I add a Supplier?

Add Suppliers so you can easily send Material Orders directly from within JobNimbus.

  • Head over to your Contact Workflows tab in your Settings. By default, the statuses in the Supplier Workflow are "Active" and "Inactive". Click the three dots on the right to edit the Workflow.

    v2 supplier workflow edit three dots
  • Here, make sure the box next to "Check this box if all contacts for this workflow are suppliers" is checked.
    • Update after making any changes you need to, including if you want to add a status. 
        v2 supplier edit workflow page

    Vendor is a QuickBooks-specific category so you’ll probably only use this if you have QuickBooks enabled. If you do use this category, you might get a notice that confirms this choice, since it’s something you can’t reverse once it starts syncing with QuickBooks.

    • To create a Supplier, select the blue plus sign at the top of your page and choose Add Contact.

      v2 add contact plus sign
    • Fill out your Supplier's details and change the Contact Type to Supplier. Hit the blue Save button when you're done.
      • Learn more about adding Contacts here.

    add contact supplier

    Learn how to send Material Orders to your Suppliers here.