How Do I Create a Smart Estimate?

JobNimbus makes it easy for you to create estimates with the Smart Estimate feature.

The Smart Estimates feature allows a salesperson to create an accurate estimate by simply inputting a few measurements from a job. Based on the Smart Estimate Template configuration, those measurements are then used to calculate how much of each product is needed for that job.

To create a Smart Estimate, you will first need to set up a Smart Estimate Template in your settings.

Watch the following video to walk through the steps of creating a Smart Estimate:

HubSpot Video

Step-by-step process:

  • Navigate to your contact or job
  • Select the Financials tab
  • Click on "+ Create smart estimate"

    Smart Estimates - Create Smart Estimate

  • Choose your Smart Estimate Template from the available options

    Smart Estimates - Choose Template


  • Fill out your measurements

    Smart Estimates - Fill out Measurements

  • Update products as needed. You can choose from drop-down menus if you set that up when creating the template.

    Smart Estimates - Choose Product

  • Finish your Smart Estimate and let JobNimbus do the calculations for you

    Smart Estimates - Finish

  • Save your estimate
    Smart Estimates - Save Estimate