How Do I Create a Task?

Tasks can help you organize your schedule and increase productivity.

To add a new Task, click on the blue sign located at the top right of your account.

new nav blue plus sign add task

Select "Add Task" from the drop-down menu to pull up the Create Task window.

Calendar - Task Create

Here, you can:

  1. Choose a Task Type
  2. Name your Task
  3. Give your Task a description
  4. Determine the Task's Start/Due Date
  5. Add an End Date
  6. Prioritize your Task
  7. Assign the Task to a team member
  8. Associate a Contact(s) to the Task in the "Related" field
    1. If you have Jobs enabled, there will be a spot for you to relate the Task to a Job(s)
    2. If you create a task in a Contact or Job's file, the Task will automatically be related to that record
  9. Add Tags to your Task
    1. If the Tag does not currently exist, type it into the text field and click "Enter/Return" on your keyboard

Once you've saved the Task, it will appear on your Calendar. If you've related the Task to a Contact and/or Job, you will also find it under the Tasks tab on that record's page.