How Do I Create an Automation To Automate a Workflow?

This Event-based Automation Rule allows for the union of two workflows between different record types when a given condition is met.

For this example, the Status of the Work Order is used to change the Status of the parent Job.


  1. Choose the "Event based" trigger type
  2. Select the "Workflow" trigger record
  3. Choose when the record type is "Modified"
  4. Select +Add Condition
    1. If "Status" is equal to "Completed" (Status names may vary depending on your Workflow)  
  5. Check the box next to "Only if Status is modified"
  6. Check the radio for "Require all conditions to be true"
  7. Select +Add Action
  8. Choose the "Change Status (Parent Job)" Action
  9. Choose the appropriate Workflow Type and Status into which you wish to move the Job
  10. Save the Rule when you are finished

    Automations Event - Recipe 05