Automation Recipes

How Do I Create an Automation To Make a Task List for a Sales Rep With a New Lead?

This Event-based Automation allows you to assign a list of Tasks to a team member whenever a Contact comes in as a new lead.


  1. Choose the "Event based" trigger type
  2. Select the "Contact" trigger record
  3. Choose when the record type is "Created or Modified"
  4. Select +Add Condition
    1. If Type is  "Retail" (Workflow Types vary depending on your settings)
  5. Select +Add Condition again 
    1. If Status is "Lead" (Status names may vary depending on your Workflow) 
  6. Check the radio for "Require all conditions to be true"
  7. Select +Add Action
  8. Choose the "Create Task" action
  9. Create your Task and choose the assignees, then click "Save"
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 as many times as needed
  11. Save the Automation when you are finished