How Do I Create an Estimate on the Mobile App? (iOS)

Easily create Estimates on the go using the Mobile App.

Navigate to a Contact or Job page

  • Click the blue in the top right corner and select "Financials" to reveal a dropdown of available options

  • Alternatively, you can select Financials from the record's "Files" tab and then click the blue + at the top of the screen

  • Once given the option, choose Estimate

In the "Create Estimate" window, you can:

  1. Set a date for your Estimate, which will populate today's date by default
  2. Select a Template Design to format the information in the way it's been configured
  3. Click "Options" to either add a new Section to the Estimate or save it as a Template once Line Items have been added
  4. Import Line Items from an existing Saved Estimate Template  
    1. Check out this Webinar episode for more information about Saved Estimate Templates
  5. Manually add Line Items by searching for or adding Products & Services
  6. Add an Internal Note (which will only be visible to your team)
  7. Add a Customer Note (which will be visible to the customer)
  8. View Profit/Margin details, sub/totals for different payment methods, and add a markup to the Estimate

  9. Save the Estimate when you are finished

Review this article to get to know your Estimate details.