How do I create an Estimate on the Mobile App? (iOS)

Easily create Estimates on the go using the Mobile App

To create an Estimate in the JobNimbus Mobile App:

  • navigate to a Contact
  • click the "+" button
  • select Estimate from the drop-down menu

Mobile App - How to create Estimate - Contact file

This pulls up the mobile Estimate builder.

Mobile App - How to create Estimate - Estimate Builder

  1. Date. Set a date for the Estimate.
  2. Design. Choose a design template for your Estimate.
  3. Add item/Add section. Add line items and sections to your Estimate.
  4. Internal note. Add a note for your team members.
  5. Customer note. Add a note that will appear at the bottom of the estimate for your customers.
  6. Save as template. Save the line items and sections you added to the Estimate as a template for next time.
  7. Profit and margin viewer. Click the up arrow to show the Profit and Margin of the Estimate. Use the additional markup slider to add a markup to the Estimate.
    Mobile App - How to create an Estimate - Margin and Profit
  8. Save the Estimate.