Estimate Settings

How Do I Create and Edit Templates (New Sales Experience)

Discover how to create different types of templates to streamline and speed up the quoting process for your customers

To get to Estimate Settings: 

  • Users with access to Settings in JobNimbus can navigate through the Settings menu to access Estimate Settings.

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  • Users who do not have access to Settings can simply go to any Contact or Job Financials and then select the Estimate Settings icon.

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Estimate Templates

  • There are various types of Estimate Templates available for use in the quote creation process. These templates allow for customization and personalization of the quote to suit the customer and the specific type of work being estimated.
  • When viewing the Estimate Templates menu, you will notice that it is divided into two sections:
    • Templates created for personal use are categorized as "My templates".
    • "Shared Templates" can be created by settings access users, and are available for use by your team
  • To make changes to existing templates, simply click on the pencil icon for editing.
  • You can easily duplicate existing templates to make creating a new template a breeze.
  • To create a new template from scratch, select the "Create Template" button from the upper right.

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  • Give new Estimate Templates a unique name and select the template type.

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  • Users with access to Settings can choose to share their templates with their team, while those without access can only create templates for personal use.
  • Utilize the document builder to construct your Estimate Template, providing options for easy font editing and incorporating text tokens to personalize the document with details from your Team and Contacts within JobNimbus. 

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Quick Text

  • QuickTexts function like predictive text, offering suggestions based on saved entries in your QuickText library as you type.
  • Within the Estimate Settings, you can access your QuickText library under Templates. This is where you can manage and create new QuickText templates. Like Estimate Templates, QuickTexts can be personalized, but users with settings access have the ability to share these templates with the entire team.

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  • QuickTexts can be incredibly useful when drafting the Inspection section of your estimate. By typing in the initial letters of a QuickText template, you can view a list of potential options to automatically fill in the details.

    Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 2.38.31 PM
  • On the Inspection page, you can access the library option located in the upper right corner of the text box. From here, you can choose multiple QuickTexts and apply them to the description text box. You also have the option to create new QuickTexts directly from this window. 

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  • From the description window, you can easily add a QuickText to the library by typing in your desired QuickText and clicking on the library add icon located in the lower right corner of the description text box.

    Job #1129 1407 Ridgemark Dr JobNimbus 2024-03-23 at 2.49.54 PM