How do I create Custom Fields?

Custom Fields allow you to add more information to your files in addition to the existing default fields.

Note: if you have Jobs or Work Orders enabled, you will have the option to create custom fields in your Settings for those records, as well. The following steps and rules apply.

  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • From the Settings menu, open the Contact Fields tab
  • Click the blue + Add contact field button

    add custom field

  • Give your field a name and select a type:
    • Date - Allows you to select from the calendar or input a date using the m/d/yyyy format
    • Decimal - Add a number that includes decimal placement. You can also check the box next to “Display as currency?” so the amount that is plugged into the field includes a dollar sign.
    • Number - Whole numbers. A comma will automatically be added to numbers larger than 999.
    • Text - A string of text containing symbols, numbers, and letters.
    • Boolean - Add a checkbox to indicate yes/no. A marked checkbox translates as “true”, an unmarked checkbox translates as “false”. 
    • Options List - Add a drop-down list with up to 50 options to choose from.

      contact custom field
  • Checking the box next to Required will not allow you to save the changes to the Contact until that field has been interacted with.
  • When you have your field(s) saved, you'll see the following options: 
    • Edit - Update the name or whether the field is required. 
      • You cannot change the type of field once it has been saved.
    • Hide - If you no longer want the field to appear on a Contact's file, you can hide or show it at any time. 
      • Hiding a field will not delete any data that has been added if you choose to make it visible again. 
    • Delete - This will permanently remove the field, as well as any data that has been added to it from every single record.
      • This action cannot be undone; lost data from these fields cannot be recovered once deleted.
    custom fields settings
  • When editing or adding a Contact, you can interact with your newly created fields based on their assigned type. 
    entering custom fields

  • Tip: To change the order of the fields as they appear when editing or creating a Contact, simply drag and drop the rows as shown below:

organizing custom fields


  • Existing Default Fields of a record (i.e. Phone Number, Company, Address, etc.) cannot be made "Required".
  • The maximum number of allotted Custom Fields for each type is 50.