Contact Records

How do I Create Custom Lead Sources?

Lead Sources can help you track where your new leads are coming from.

To update existing Lead Sources or create new ones:

  • Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Under the Settings menu on the left, open the Lead Source tab

To add a new Lead Source, click the blue +Add lead source button.

Contacts - Lead Source Add

Type in the name of the source (i.e. Google Reviews) and hit +Save.

Lead Source - Adding new

Back on the main page of the Lead Source tab, you can also:

  • Edit the names of your sources
  • Hide a Lead Source to ensure that new Contacts cannot be associated with it. 
  • Delete a Lead Source to remove it from your account entirely, including reports.
    • You cannot delete a source that is currently associated with any Contact.