How Do I Enable the JobNimbus Integration With Toolsey?

Toolsey Is a Powerful Lead Management Platform That Can Improve Your Sales Lead Response Time, Leading to a Much Higher Conversion

  1. Navigate to the Settings page in JobNimbus

  2. Scroll to the bottom of your menu on the left side and select API

  3. On the “API” screen, click on the “New API Key” button.

  4.  Either choose Toolsey from the dropdown or type Toolsey into the API name field.

  5. Select your role in the company, and then save the new API Key.
  6. Click on “Copy” next to API key to copy the clipboard.

  7. Open your Toolsey account.
  8. Go to “Settings” on the left-hand side and select “Linked Accounts”

  9. On the Linked Accounts page, select the “Connect” button next to JobNimbus.

  10. In the connection dialog, paste JobNimbus API Key you copied to the
    clipboard in Step 6.

  11. Choose a Toolsey status from the drop-down provided, to determine when
    the lead will automatically be sent to your JobNimbus account.

  12. Click “Submit” and this will complete the integration. Now whenever the
    lead status is selected for the chosen trigger the lead and all lead detail will
    be added to your JobNimbus account.

Contact Toolsey Support for questions regarding this integration

Toolsey Support Team
Phone: 800-810-0264