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How Do I Filter What Shows on My Calendar?

Control what types of events appear on your JobNimbus Calendar.

  • Under the Calendar tab, navigate to the "Calendars" section of the left-hand menu.

    v2 calendar menu gif

  • Select which Task Types you want to appear by checking or unchecking the corresponding box. Learn more about Task Types here.
  • Decide whether or not you want completed Tasks to appear by clicking on Hide/Show Completed Tasks.

    v2 calendar menu tasks

  • Choose the types of Contacts you want to see on the calendar. Depending on whether or not you have the Contact Scheduling feature enabled, you can filter the Contacts based on their assigned Workflow.

    v2 calendar menu contacts

  • If the Work Orders feature is enabled, you can filter the visible Work Orders by the Workflow to which they are assigned.
  • Material Orders can also be made visible on the Calendar by configuring this section. 

    v2 calendar menu WOs and MOs