Importing Contacts

How Do I Import Contacts?

Save time by uploading your Contact data in bulk.

Please note: the file you choose to import must be in a CSV format in order to be compatible.

Under the Contacts tab of your account, toggle to the "List" view and select the "+ Import contacts" button.

contacts tab - Import contacts button v2

Click "Select file" to browse your computer for the CSV file.

select file to import v2

JobNimbus will scan your file, looking for the number of records, and try to identify the type of data in each column.

After the scan is complete, a series of drop-down lists will appear. Use these menus to map each piece of data you are importing with the corresponding JobNimbus field. 

Once all the fields are mapped to the data you have, click the "Next" button.

import fields dropdown menus v2

Review the data and confirm by selecting "Import Contacts Now". 

confirm import v2

The import can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours to complete, depending on the number of Contacts being uploaded.

You can continue to work in your account in the meantime and JobNimbus will send you an email once the import is finished.