Fees and Transactions

How Do I Lower My JobNimbus Payments Rates?

Requesting a rate analysis from our FinTech team can help you to get lower rates on your processing fees through JobNimbus Payments.

What is a rate analysis?

A rate analysis is the basis for arriving at the best rate for processing rates. Using the information the customer provides, the fintech team can calculate the effective rate to see if they can lower the current processing rates.

What is needed to perform a rate analysis?

The last 3 months of line-by-line processing statements which include:

  • Transaction amounts

  • Transaction fees

  • Additional monthly fees

How do I request a rate analysis?

You can email the FinTech team directly at payments@jobnimbus.com with your processing statements and they can perform a rate analysis. It will take roughly 2 business days to perform this and to expect results.