How Do I Manage Disputes?

A "dispute" refers to a customer/cardholder being unsatisfied or unfamiliar with a payment charged to their card and contacting their issuing bank for more information or to force-refund the transaction.

When a dispute occurs, the Merchant generally has the opportunity to:

  1. Accept liability and voluntarily concede to the dispute
    - OR -
  2. Respond to the issuing bank with compelling evidence validating the transaction (representment)

The cardholder’s issuing bank will make the final determination based on the evidence provided by both sides. Merchants should use this guide to understand the dispute process and how to respond.

Managing Disputes in the Portal

  • From the Portal Dashboard, click Disputes from the left navigation menu.

  • Select the dispute in question from the list provided.

  • Review the details of the dispute and select one of the three available responses: Respond, Accept Liability, or Mark as Unread

These available options allow you to easily handle the dispute with a brief response either accepting or disputing the chargeback.

Each dispute will have a response due date. It is important to respond before the response due date passes to ensure your response is accepted by the credit card company.


  • This option allows you to respond to the dispute to argue its validity. You can include a brief message and attach PDFs (up to 10MB total, 2MB each) to support your decision. 

Accept Liability

  • This option allows you to accept the dispute and refund the customer for the disputed amount. 

Mark as Unread

  • This option allows you to reset the Dispute’s notification, so it will reappear as a “new” notification the next time you log into the portal.

Dispute Details Section

The Dispute Details window (located below the response options) shows important information such as:

  • Dispute Status
  • Dispute Case ID

  • Dispute Reason

  • Response Due Date

  • Customer Info

Important Note:

There are some dispute/chargeback scenarios that you are unable to respond to in the Portal.

In this case, you will receive a notification instructing you to contact the credit card company directly.