How do I request financing through Sunlight Financial?

You can request financing for a Contact or Job right from the Contact or Job's file in JobNimbus.

Note: If you are using both Jobs and Contacts in your JobNimbus account, be sure to request financing under the record you will be using to create the Estimate.


  1. Navigate to the Contact or Job file for which you need to request financing. Please note that your Contact/Job's information needs to be fully filled out in order to successfully request financing.
  2. Under the Financials tab, select "Apply for customer financing"

    Sunlight Financial - How to request financing

  3. Type in the requested loan amount, the project category and type, and type of residence.

    Sunlight Financial - Requesting finance Project details

  4. Choose the loan option from the list in the drop-down.

    Sunlight Financials - Request finance - Choose loan option

  5. After you have chosen the loan option, you will need to enter the client's information. Once complete, Sunlight Financial will run a credit check on the client to move forward with approval. An email will then be sent to the client with documents to digitally sign.
  6. Under the Financials tab of their JobNimbus record, you'll see "Loan Documents Signed" in the Sunlight Financial banner once they have added their signature(s).

Your client will not be able to use financing until they sign the document they are emailed from Sunlight Financial.