How do I reset my password? (Mobile)

Learn how to access your account from the Mobile App if you do not remember your password or are unable to log in otherwise.

  • On the login screen of the Mobile App, select Forgot my password.

login page forgot pw

  • You'll be directed to the following page where you will type your login email address into the field. Click the blue Send Instructions button once you've confirmed the email is correct.

reset pw send instructions

  • You can then either open the Email App of your choice by selecting that blue button, or decide to skip this step and confirm later.

reset pw open email app

If you do not see an email come through:

  • Make sure to check the spelling of the email address to confirm there are no mistakes.
  • Check your Spam/Junk inbox folders, as well as any "Promotions" folders (Gmail).
  • Select "Try another email address" at the bottom of the screen pictured above if you think you may have misspelled the address.


  • Once you receive the email, click the blue Choose a new password button (you will be redirected to the JobNimbus Web App if you are performing the reset on a mobile device).

email reset pw

  • Create your new, unique password and click Save and sign in. This will automatically log you into your JobNimbus web account.

new pw save and sign in

The next time you are ready to log into the JobNimbus Mobile App, use these new credentials.



  • Make sure you are typing in your password correctly. Remember it is case sensitive, so an uppercase or lowercase letter will have to be exact.
  • Do not share your password with anyone. JobNimbus Support will never ask for your password or credit card information. We only need your login email address to assist you.