Work Orders

How Do I Send a Work Order to a Subcontractor?

If you have Subcontractors enabled, you can send Work Orders directly to those who are assigned to your Contact or Jobs.

To send a Work Order to a Subcontractor:

  • Open a Work Order created under a Contact or Job
  • Click on the 3 dots in the Work Order description panel
  • Select "Email Work Order" from the drop-down menu

Subcontractor - Email Work Order

You can also send an email from the Work Order panel under the Work Orders tab.

Subcontractor - Email Work Order Financials

This will pull up the following window where you will choose your recipients: 

Subcontractor - Email Work Order Window

Check the box(es) to indicate to whom you want the email to go, and then click +Send Mail.


You can utilize your Email Templates when sending out Work Orders.