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How do I send an email to a customer?

Keep your communications organized by emailing your clients directly from JobNimbus.

Navigate to a Contact's page and select the blue +Send email button located at the top of the Activity feed.

v2 contact page send email button


The following window will appear:

send email window

  1. Choose your recipient(s) from the drop-down menu or manually type the email address out if the intended recipient is not listed. 
    1. Choosable options include Related ContactsAssignees, and Sales Reps.
  2. Insert an Email Template from this menu. 
    1. To learn how to create an Email Template, check out this article
  3. Add a Subject line. 
  4. Type up the body of the email here. You can adjust the format of the text and include hyperlinks for easy navigation to other websites. 
  5. Add attachments either by selecting from a list of files that are already associated with the Contact or by browsing your device.
  6. Send the email when you're ready to go!

Once the email is outbound, you'll see it recorded under the Contact's Activity tab.

outbound email activity


The limitations for total number of emails that can be sent from JobNimbus each day are as follows:

  • Trial account = 20 emails per user
  • Paid account (any Subscription level) = 100 emails per user
Email limits reset at 12:00am MT every day