QuickBooks Online

How do I Sync QuickBooks Projects with JobNimbus Jobs?

JobNimbus now offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online to ensure that your accounting and project management workflows are streamlined.

There are some nuances that you need to be aware of to maximize the benefits of this integration


  • Projects is only available in  QuickBooks Plus or Advanced subscriptions
  • Syncing to Projects requires the use of Jobs in JobNimbus
  • 2-way sync between Jobimbus and QuickBooks Online
    • Jobs in JobNimbus will be created as Sub-Customers in QuickBooks. Sub-Customers can then be converted into Projects. 
    • Projects created in QuickBooks will import into JobNimbus as a Job.
    • It's important to note that this sync is read-only. If you change a Job display name in JobNimbus, it will not sync and reflect in the QuickBooks Online Project. On the other hand, if you change a Project name in QuickBooks Online, it will be reflected in the corresponding Job in JobNimbus.
    • Note: Invoices, Estimates, and other financial documents will be synced as expected. 
  •  1-way sync from JobNimbus to QuickBooks Online
    • This sync option only allows you to sync your JobNimbus Jobs to QuickBooks Online SubCustomers. This means that when you create a new Job in JobNimbus, the Job will sync to QuickBooks Online as a SubCustomer.  These can be converted to a Project inside QuickBooks, and the link will remain. Transactions will sync from the Job in JobNimbus to the Project in QuickBooks.
  • 1-way sync from QuickBooks Online to JobNimbus
    • This sync option allows you to sync your QuickBooks Online Projects to JobNimbus Jobs as expected. When you create a new Project in QuickBooks Online, it will sync over to JobNimbus as a Job. Any changes made to the Project in QuickBooks Online will also be reflected in the corresponding Job in JobNimbus.

Understanding these nuances will help you make the most of the JobNimbus and QuickBooks Online integration. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.