How Do I Text a Payment Link to My Customers?

Leverage the Power of Engage and JobNimbus Payments to Improve Your Payment Process for Your Customers and Your Business.

Note: you must be signed up for both  Engage and JobNimbus Payments to access the text-to-pay feature.

Initiating the Payment Link 

  • Navigate to the Contact or Job and locate the Financials tab
  • Within the Financials tab, locate the specific Invoice for which you want to request a payment

    Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 9.15.17 AM

    • Additionally, you can request payment directly from your Invoice View

      Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 10.22.16 AM
  • Confirm the phone number from which you intend to send the Text Message, and review the content of the Text Message.

  • Click Send 

Customer Experience

  • Now that your text has been sent, your customer will receive a text with the Payment Link. 

  • Once they click the Payment Link they will be given the option to pay through Credit Card or ACH. (Dependent on your JobNimbus Payment settings) 

💡 If you do not have both Engage & JobNimbus Payments but want to use text to pay - Schedule a meeting with one of our Representatives to get started today!