How Do I Use the CompanyCam Integration?

Learn how CompanyCam and JobNimbus work together to streamline the details of your projects.

Things to note:

  • Contacts/Jobs sync one-way from JobNimbus to CompanyCam; no Projects created manually in CompanyCam will sync over as a JobNimbus record.
  • Photos sync one-way from CompanyCam to JobNimbus; no images uploaded manually to a JobNimbus record will sync over to the CompanyCam Project.

After you enable the CompanyCam integration with JobNimbus:

  • Your 100 most recent Contact or Job records (depending on your selection during enablement in step 4 of section 2) and newly created records will be synced from JobNimbus to CompanyCam as a "Project" folder.


  • Capturing, editing, and/or uploading a photo or document to a folder from the CompanyCam mobile app will sync to JobNimbus as an attachment under the Photos tab of the correlating JobNimbus record.

    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.50.31 PM

If you created Projects in CompanyCam for your Contacts or Jobs before integrating CompanyCam with JobNimbus, JobNimbus will create a duplicate folder in CompanyCam for the Project.

In order to merge these Projects, first make sure that the Address Line #1 in the JobNimbus Contact or Job matches the CompanyCam Project's address. If you need further assistance in merging, contact CompanyCam Support.