How Do I Use the Forms Feature?

Create checklists to follow when you or your team members arrive at a job site.

To create a Form in JobNimbus:

  • Log into your JobNimbus account through the web application.
  • Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Under the lefthand Settings menu, open the Forms tab.
  • Click the blue + Create Form button.

Forms - Settings Tab

This will pull up the Form Details, where you will add action items to be completed:

Forms - How to create Form Tasks

  1. Give your Form a unique name.
    1. Learn about managing your Forms for more information.
  2. If needed, further describe the Form's purpose.
  3. Designate a type of response from a drop-down menu.
    1. The options include:
      1. Checklist - Allows your team member to choose an answer from a set of options.
      2. Date - Allows your team member to type a date or choose a date from a calendar.
      3. Dropdown - Allows your team member to choose an answer from a dropdown list of options. This can help keep your form organized if you have several options to choose from.
      4. Multiple choice - Allows your team member to choose multiple answers from a set of options.
      5. Number - Allows your team member to type a whole number into a field.
      6. Paragraph - Allows your team member to type a long answer into a text field.
      7. Photo - Allows your team member to upload a photo to the form.
        Any photo taken while filling out the form will be added to the associated Contact or Job's file.
      8. Short answer - Allows your team member to type a short answer into a text field.
  4. Title the step/action item.
  5. If needed, describe the purpose of that action.
  6. Toggle the switch to make that item required.
    1. Note: if a photo-type item is marked as required, an option to skip the question (by checking a box next to the words "Not Present") will be available when completing the Form.

  7. Duplicate the individual section.
    1. This will create an identical action item within that Form.
  8. Delete the step to remove it from the list of items.
  9. Add a new section/step.

Once you've finished, click on the blue Save Form button at the top right.

Forms - Save Form

✨New✨ Download Form Responses

  1. Click the Forms tab on a Contact or Job and select either the Form number or the three dots to View the completed Form. 

    Knowledge 2023-07-13 at 11.54.43 AM
  2. Download the completed Form by clicking Download Form in the upper right hand corner. 

    Job #10325 Liz Stevens JobNimbus 2023-07-13 at 11.57.00 AM


Forms can only be completed through the Mobile App. Check out the following articles to learn more: