How Do I Use the naturalForms Integration?

Prior to using the integration, make sure you have:

To use the naturalForms integration:

  1. Navigate to a Contact or Job in the JobNimbus Mobile App.
  2. While viewing the record, click the + icon and select "naturalForms".
    1. iOS

    2. Android


  3. A list of templates you've synced will appear next. Select one or more to use and click "Open in naturalForms".
You will then be directed to the naturalForms Mobile App and you should see the form(s) that you just chose.
  1. Click into the form and see that it's been pre-filled with the common fields you set up.
  2. Finish filling out the form and click the checkmark at the top of the screen. Choose Submit.
  3. After a few minutes, the final PDF will appear back in JobNimbus under the Contact's Documents tab.

Supported Fields

  • Job Only
    • JobName
  • Both Contact and Job 
    • JobNimbusId, SalesRep, AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, State, PostalCode, Country
  • Contact or Job's Primary Contact
    • FirstName, LastName, Company, Email, HomePhone, MobilePhone, WorkPhone, FaxNumber