How Do I Use the SumoQuote Integration?

Learn how SumoQuote and JobNimbus work together to streamline the details of your projects.

After you enable the SumoQuote integration with JobNimbus:

  1. In your SumoQuote account, select "link to a JobNimbus job or contact" from the Create new project button.

    SumoQuote - SumoQuote 2024-02-14 at 7.48.54 PM

  2. Search for the homeowner's name or address as it appears in JobNimbus.
  3. Make your selection and then click Link to this JobNimbus job or contact.

  4. All customer details will be pulled from JobNimbus and autofill into your new SumoQuote Project.

Once you configure and send the report to the homeowner from SumoQuote:

  • This integration enables automatic synchronization of the estimate's line items with the associated JobNimbus record. As a result, you can then simply to convert the synced estimate into various financial documents.

    Job #1060 Robert Paulson - Repair JobNimbus 2024-02-14 at 8.38.16 PM
  • All emails sent from SumoQuote to the record will be recorded under their Activity Feed in JobNimbus.

    Job #1060 Robert Paulson - Repair JobNimbus 2024-02-14 at 8.33.18 PM

  • Both sent and signed quotes will be logged in the Documents tab of the associated record in JobNimbus, along with a PDF document of the synced line items.

    Job #1060 Robert Paulson - Repair JobNimbus 2024-02-14 at 8.44.22 PM

Check out this video for more details on using the integration: