How Do I View an Estimate on the Mobile App? (Android)

You can view Estimate details right from the Mobile App.

From the Home Page

  • Click on the Estimates button at the top of your screen

  • A list view of all Estimates will appear
    • Use the filters at the top to see:
      • Estimates assigned to a specific status

      • Estimates based on their signature status

      • A different order of the Estimates

From a Contact or Job's Page

  • Select the Financials tab
  • Click on the Estimate you want to view

    • Note: show/hide files that are associated with a related record by clicking the Related filter at the top

    Viewing Estimate Details


    When viewing an Estimate, you can:

    1. Share the Estimate elsewhere
    2. Click the 3 dots, which allows you to:
      1. Edit the Estimate details
      2. View the document as a PDF
      3. Delete the Estimate (if you have permission)
    3. Change the Estimate's Status
    4. See the ID Number, Date, Related Contact/Job, and Signature requests
    5. Review all of the Line Items on the Estimate

    Scrolling down the page will show you the Sales Rep assigned to the job and any Internal or Customer Notes you have added to your Estimate.