How Do I View My Tasks on the Mobile App?

Learn how to locate your Tasks on the go so you can keep up with your schedule wherever you are.

For iOS:

On the "Home" page of the Mobile App, you can see your assigned Tasks in two areas: 

  1. under the section labeled by today's date
  2. under the section labeled "My Tasks"


Today's Schedule

  • The section at the top will show up to 3 Tasks that are scheduled for the current date. The order in which these Tasks appear is as follows:
    • Incomplete > Start Date > Priority > End Date > Most Recently Updated
      (For example: if two incomplete Tasks have the same exact start date and priority level, the one with the first end date would appear at the top)
  • Click on View calendar to be navigated accordingly. Details about your Calendar can be found in this article.

"My Tasks" List

  • Your upcoming Tasks, organized by their level of priority, will appear in this list view.
  • These Tasks do not necessarily have a start and end time assigned.
  • Clicking View all will navigate you to a list view of all of your assigned Tasks.
    • Tip: easily mark a Task as completed by selecting the circle to the left of the event
  • You can filter your view using the options above the list, as well as create a new Task by clicking the + icon in the top right corner.

    • Filter by Completion Status
      • Toggle between showing only incomplete or completed Tasks, or choose "All tasks" to view both.

    • Filter by Task Type
      • Choose to view only Tasks that are assigned a specific Type, which can be configured in your account settings on the Web App, or show all Types.

    • Filter by Priority Level
      • Sort between Tasks of different priority levels, or show all.

  • Selecting a Task will give you an overview of the event, as well as the opportunity to edit details.

For Android: 

On the "Home" page of the Mobile App, you can see your assigned Tasks in two areas: 

  1. under Todays Schedule
  2. under My Tasks

    Mobile App - Tasks - Where to view your tasks
  • Today's Schedule shows the next three items on your calendar for the day.
    • These are tasks that have been scheduled for the same day you are viewing. If you want to view more, click on "View Schedule" to be directed to the calendar view

      JN Android Calendar View

  • My Tasks show your assigned upcoming tasks, organized by their level of priority. These tasks do not necessarily have a start and end time assigned.
    • Clicking "View All" brings up your entire task list.
    • Here, you can filter the view of events by status (Complete or Incomplete), Task Type, and/or Priority level. Selecting a task will allow you to see and edit its details.

      JN Android Home View Tasks

Only Tasks that are assigned to the user logged into the Mobile App are visible in these two areas. Check out this article to learn how to view other team members' assigned events on your Calendar.