QuickBooks Online

How Do I View the Audit History for Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

You can view an Audit History for transactions in QuickBooks Online with a few easy steps.

Viewing the Audit History in Quickbooks Online: 

  1. Navigate to the transaction you wish to pull the history for in QuickBooks. 
  2. Select the transaction and click “Edit” at the bottom right of the pop-up screen. 

  1. Once within the editing screen, select the “Manage” option at the top right of the page.
  2. Select the “Actions” drop-down from the pop-out screen.   

  1. Select “Audit History” from the drop down menu


Once you get into the Audit history of the transaction, each timestamp is a different edit that occurred on the transaction; you can click the arrows next to the time stamps to expand the information and view more specifics about the modifications made to the record.