General QuickBooks Info

How does a payment sync from JobNimbus to QuickBooks?

Payments will sync to QuickBooks into either the ‘Undeposited Funds’ or ‘Payments to Deposit’ account.

Follow these steps to manage your payments using JobNimbus and QuickBooks:

Step 1.
  Enter the payment in JobNimbus. The payment will sync from JobNimbus to QuickBooks if all parent records (invoice, job and parent contact) have synced. 

  • When a payment is entered into JobNimbus, it syncs to QuickBooks as a payment under the Customer or sub-customer in which it is assigned. It sends the funds to the ‘Undeposited Funds’ or “Payments to Deposit” account in QuickBooks (this is not a setting we can change or map differently): QuickBooks - How to receive payment

Step 2. Deposit the payment in QuickBooks

Step 3. Reconcile your bank account.

If a payment transaction is added directly from the bank feed in QuickBooks Online, it will be added as a ‘deposit’ not a ‘payment’.  JobNimbus is not able to import these deposits. It will only import funds added as a ‘payment’ in QuickBooks.