How is the Average Deal Size - Sold report calculated?

This report helps you project revenue and track the health of your sales pipeline by calculating the average of all deals you make and have entered into your JobNimbus account.

The Average Deal Size - Sold Report averages the total amount of Estimates that are in the "Approved" or "Invoiced" Status under Contacts or Jobs that have reached the Sold stage.  

Average Deal Size - Sold - How to view graph

To customize this report, you can:

  • change the location (if you have multiple company locations in your account) to which the visible records are assigned
  • view data of either the Total of all Estimates or the Most Recent Approved Estimates
  • select the Workflow(s) of the records from which the graph pulls data
  • choose which Sales Reps appear
  • change the date range during which these records qualified to show up on the graph

The Average Deal Size - Sold Report is based on the date the Contact or Job is moved into the Sold Stage. Once a Contact or Job is “Sold”, all of the associated Estimates in the "Approved" or "Invoiced" Status are totaled up. That number is then divided by the total number of Contact or Job Estimates.


For example:

A Sales Rep closes 2 deals, one at $80,000, another at $100,000. Their average deal size is $90,000. The more sales made, the more that number will go up and down.

If your company has a new revenue target of $900,000 and their average deal size is $90,000, then you would know that you should aim for 10 deals. Based on the historical metrics, you can then determine how many deals are needed at each stage of the sales process and at what time. This allows you to forecast if you are on target or need to step up in a certain area of your process.