Is JobNimbus a Good Fit for my Business?

JobNimbus is a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. It helps smaller businesses with managing customer data. It is highly customizable and scalable. It helps to streamline your business through having important data in one area. You can capture ongoing tasks and work. Communicate with your customers by emailing directly from the CRM. JobNimbus is able to track leads, manage the customer business relationship and organize electronic paperwork under your contacts. 
1) What kinds of businesses use JobNimbus? 
The majority of businesses that use JobNimbus are roofing. However, there is a sizable amount of solar, general contracting, garage doors, and decks. There are also furniture and stove restoration companies. The processes in the software can be beneficial for all kinds of businesses. We are always eager to improve and develop our user requests and match the needs of certain business communities.
It depends on what you need to capture and get done. JobNimbus is a system that caneasily secure your customer contact information like address and phone numbers. You can also create custom information for your customer. For example, a certain type of customer or a particular number associated with that customer. You can keep certain documents related to that customer in their attachments area. You can email invoices and accept payments. You can track projects through boards. Employees can access this information based on the permissions you create in the access profiles.
Additionally, you can email from within JobNimbus and keep an audit log of those emails you send to your customers. The emails can even be automated based on the contact or job status. You can create custom templates to send your customers.
2) I am used to having a lot of paperwork in the office, will it be difficult to transition to put everything online? 
There is a learning curve to understanding the system and most people learn it a little at a time. There are many resources to help you with it like training videos and the knowledge base. You also can contact with any questions.After you get your main contacts uploaded into JobNimbus and have set up your workflows, you will find it will save you time in the long run. It is a lot easier to follow up with a customer if you can run a report and find you have ten customers who have open balances on their invoices. Since the software is on the internet you can locate your entire customer base whenever you log on the internet. The mobile app can also be loaded onto your phone. The initial time it takes to setup your business information in JobNimbus will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run. It will be much faster to locate the information you need to run your business.
3) I am not technically savvy, will I be able to figure this out? Many small businesses who have been using paperwork/file cabinets have made the switch. Often customers have little technical knowledge but have found that they can learn it. Once everything is setup business runs smoother and more organized. Often an office administrator inputs most of the data. People out in the field at different sites use the mobile app to get their daily tasks done or to take photos of jobs. 
4) Is my data safe? 
JobNimbus is very careful to back up your data in various locations. We are using servers that are used by many prominent software companies such as Quickbooks and Netflix. You are always welcome to export your data to Excel and CSV format through the reports feature on the web app. Additionally, you can click on "download all" on the attachments tab of a contact/job. This will allow you to download all files in the attachments folder.